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Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).
Pere Puig Casado is Full Professor of Statistics and Operations Research in the Department of Mathematics at the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, which has also been its director (2011-2013). He has published articles in prestigious journals Mathematical Statistics as JASA, Technometrics, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics or Bernoulli. He has extensive experience in the development of mathematical and statistical methods in collaboration with multidisciplinary research groups, publishing his results in high impact journals such as Animal Science, Radiation Research, Proceedings of the Royal Society A or PlosOne. Currently, he is the Main Researcher (IP) of the consolidated research group of the Generalitat de Catalunya “Advanced Statistical Modelling”, the MTM project of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness "Modelling with Stochastic Processes", and the node of the Catalunya-SEA BioeStatNet network. He is editor of the journal SORT (Statistical Research and Operation Transactions) and a regular contributor to the Public Health England (PHE) through the agreement "Advanced Statistical Methods for Cytogenetic Radiation Biodosimetry".


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